Billee Howard-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Billee Howard

Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge consultancy specializing in harnessing creativity to solve business problems. The firm works to identify the most powerful collision point of culture and commerce for each client to create captivating stories that are consumed, shared and drive meaningful and measurable engagement. Billee has a strategic vision for how brands can differentiate themselves from their competition through the lens of purpose.

Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, digital storytelling, trend forecasting, corporate reputation management, content creation and production, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning and has a top team of business strategy consultants that create Brandthropologie.

Beginning her career as Press Secretary for the President of the Philippines and his cabinet at the age of 22, Billee developed a global market perspective from early on, and understood that the third world would not be third much longer. Switching from politics to business with a focus on how CEO’s can drive culture, Billee joined Shandwick at age 25, and launched their National Financial Media Group.

When Weber bought Shandwick, making Weber Shandwick the largest PR firm in the world, Billee was named EVP, and co-founded their Global Strategic Media Group, handling global communications for leading brands such as Samsung, PepsiCo, MasterCard and AllState. Billee later landed Faith Popcorn as a client, and becoming immersed in Popcorn’s innovative cultural approach to business, she pioneered a strategic alliance with Brain Reserve to leverage futurism in global PR campaigns.

Billee Joined Allison+Partners in 2011, and launched her Brand Innovation Lab, dedicated to using cultural cues to transform corporate and executive brands into true innovation for such clients as DreamWorks Animation, and Fast Company. With an eye toward marrying her unique insight for creating winning platforms, narratives and corporate positioning campaigns for some of the world’s top consumer brands, with her decades of experience in trend forecasting and consumer behavioral patterns, Billee founded Brandthropologie, as well as Brandthropologie’s Mojo Risin’ Studios, for which she serves as Executive Producer.

Billee has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called We-Commerce released in December 2015. She is an active contributor on and the Huffington Post on the topics of marketing, storytelling and the sharing economy. Billee is also an influencer and futurist for IBM.

Billee graduated cum laude from the Roy H. Park School of Communications and serves as a member of its national board of advisors. Billee was the winner of PR Week’s 30 under 30, and 40 under 40, as well as being selected for the Media Professional of the Year Award twice.  Billee Howard lives in Manhattan with her iconic Shitzu, Bugsy.

Todd A. Myers - Brandthropologie Consulting - New Business Trends

Todd A. Myers

Todd A. Myers is the Chief Strategy Officer at Brandthropologie. Todd will lead client engagements to directly connect purpose positioning to value creation and content solutions – and then guide clients through the transition.  He is a revenue-producing executive and entrepreneur with a talent for shaping businesses in relevant, but not always obvious ways, to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. Todd’s expertise is grounded in consumer insights, cultural trends, 20 + years on the digital front lines and a global marketing communications acumen across paid, owned and earned media.  Todd has worked across a variety of categories – from technology to entertainment to retail to beer.  He identifies value-driving opportunities that most others will overlook and has the vision, passion, energy AND pragmatism to bring big ideas and programs to market.

Content, programming and trends have been the through line in Todd’s career which all began in the entertainment industry, at Creative Artists Agency, with the development of a major interactive TV venture with Cap Gemini Consulting, and then to developing customer-driven programming properties based on sustainable business models at AOL – when the service only had three million users!

He then went on to co-found a successful strategic consulting company specializing in developing customer-centric, ROI-based, Internet opportunities which led to working with Madonna when the world was in a place of reflection, and then to the amazing Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve (FPBR) – where he and Billee Howard first met and worked together on an alliance between FPBR and Weber-Shandwick, and the die was cast for their current collaboration – Brandthropologie Media.

Todd is a mid-westerner born and bred with a BA from The University of Michigan in International Economics and an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Bev West-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Bev West

Bev West, is the Head Writer and Chief Creative Officer for Brandthropologie, as well as a bestselling author, and Founder and Co-President of Our Kitchen Table Media, assisting agents, publishers, companies and individuals to develop personal brand stories that can be leveraged across a trans media platform including the web, television, movies, and commercial trade books.

As an author, Bev has written or co-written over 30 books, including her bestselling series Cinematherapy (400,000 copies in print) which inspired eight sequels, was translated into nine languages, and a TV show in primetime on WE, now in its eleventh season.

Bev’s work has been featured in such major publications as Vogue, Nylon, Real Simple, Marie Claire, US Weekly, The New York Times, Self, and People Magazine etc.

Anna Maria Chavez

Anna Maria Chávez

Anna Maria Chávez is the Head of Inclusion Strategy at Brandthropologie. At the firm, Anna leverages her decades of experience in advancing human rights to help clients create organizations that are inclusive and purposeful, while working to encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors in ways that contribute to the world as much as the bottom line.

Anna is a lawyer, seasoned executive and award-winning thought leader. She has been named one of FORTUNE’s World’s Greatest Leaders and was named number 22 by Fast Company in its annual list of the most creative people in business. She brings a wealth of creative and management experience from previous legal, public policy, non-profit management, and brand management positions in Arizona, Texas, Washington DC and New York City. Most recently, Chávez was the first woman of color to lead the iconic Girl Scouts of the USA in their 104-year history with 2.7 million members in over 90 countries in the world and 59 million Girl Scout alumnae in America today.

Anna is also one of the world’s top experts on leadership and draws from her 25 years of public service and non-profit leadership to teach on teamwork, inclusion and diversity, resiliency, and self-motivation. Her keen insights and dynamic presentations have inspired thousands of individuals around the globe to lead authentically and has helped organizations to work together more collaboratively and create dynamic impact. Anna has appeared on CBS News, NBC’s The Today Show, FOX News Channel, CNBC’s Squawk Box, CNN, Bloomberg Radio, NPR, and she’s a contributing writer on Huffington Post.

Gordon Feinberg-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Gordon Feinberg

Gordon Feinberg is Creative Director for Brandthropologie. Gordon grew up in Bergen County. He has a bachelor degree from Northeastern University and holds an associates degree in graphic design.

Through twenty-five years of graphic design, Gordon has worked as a stand-up comedian, an actor, and director. Six years ago, he started a new ad agency that specialized in complex virtual tours and had built hundreds of websites and has written and, or directed many television commercials. He directed a web-commercial that premiered on the Huffington Post and one of his films was accepted at The Market, a festival at Caan for up-and-coming filmmakers.

Jessica Joines-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Jessica Joines

Jessica Joines is the Head of Purpose Strategy at Brandthropologie, as well as author of the groundbreaking white paper, The Rise of the Consciousness Economy™, and Founder of purpose-driven marketing advisory firm, JLJ. She works closely with brands who want to leverage a higher sense of purpose to drive purchase, profit and loyalty.

As an expert who studies consumer behavior, Jessica was one of the first in the industry to identify and recognize that it is in fact a heightened sense of ‘consciousness’ that is driving the “purpose-driven profit movement,” which represents a monumental economic shift that’s quickly transforming the way businesses operate. 

Prior to forming JLJ, Jessica was the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Rakuten Marketing, a digital advertising technology company that works with some of the world’s leading retail brands. At Rakuten, she was best known for creating a brand positioning strategy that elevated the company’s leadership position in the marketplace.

In 2011, Jessica co-Founded the Industry Index, the first online ratings platform for advertising technologies, which sold to Capital Strategies in July 2016. While at Industry Index, she built a world-class marketing consultancy that created the positioning strategy and approach for leading companies such as Tapad, Adometry, and ThinkNear, all of which have subsequently been acquired. Jessica’s reputation as a top brand consultant for the technology industry is what led to her role at Rakuten. 

Prior to the Industry Index, Jessica spent the majority of her career working on some of the world’s leading consumer facing brands while at several top advertising agencies. She has also led business development for some of the largest media buying and planning agencies in the world, including Universal McCann and OMD, where she was responsible for bringing in over $1B in media billings during her tenure at these companies. 

Jessica sits on the Retail Ascendant council and has won a Bronze Stevie Award for her contributions to the field of marketing and digital. She is also a contributing author to Arianna’s Huffington’s new venture, Thrive Global.

Jason Bergund-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Jason Bergund

Jason Bergund is Director of Brand Visualization for Brandthropologie’s Mojo Risin’ Studios, as well as a best selling author, and the Co-President of Our Kitchen Table Media, specializing in assisting agents, publishers, companies and individuals to develop personal brand stories that can be leveraged across a trans media platform including the web, television, movies, and commercial trade books.

Ali Mirza-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza is the social media director at Brandthropologie. His focus is to help our clients create engaging social brands & generate leads. In the recent past Ali has worked with several marketing agencies and mega brands like Chevy, Target and American Airlines. His passion lies in helping corporations & brands get RESULTS from social media.

Eduardo Vianna-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Eduardo Vianna

Eduardo Vianna is Chief Video Editor for Brandthropologie and Mojo Rising Studios. With an engineering degree from the Catholic University in Brasil, Eduardo started his career in video editing and motion graphics.

In Brasil, Eduardo worked with many professionals in the field of video production, provided services to various producers, producing vignettes for TV shows and worked as a video editor and motion graphics artist for many years.

In late 2009 Eduardo worked in New York developing ideas for new projects, doing pre-production, scene direction, editing, finishing, publishing the videos produced by the analysis of the feedback generated by the video hosting sites.

Allyson Spiegelman-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Allyson Spiegelman

With over two decades of on the ground experience in managing talent, communications and profitability for countless artists in fields as divergent as photography and music, Allyson Spiegelman is head of Brandthropologie West. At Brandthropologie, Allyson focuses on bringing the firm’s mission of marrying art with commerce to drive innovation to the entertainment and mogul space. Allyson is based in New York and Los Angeles, but has also established a virtual presence for the studio in the Bay Area.

Jennifer Ganz-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Jennifer Ganz

Jennifer Ganz serves as Brand & Style Curator and Lead Production Coordinator for Brandthropologie and Mojo Risin Studios. She has worked within the advertising, retail, entertainment and publishing sectors, focusing on key areas such as buying, sales, logistics management, creative content, style and design development.

By marrying over 20 years of retail industry, design and fashion experience, with a unique curation process that continually innovates through trend spotting, customization and an eye on constant reinvention, Jennifer Ganz works with executives, entertainment talent and individuals on set to evolve their sense of style from one likely shared by many, to a bespoked signature that only they can call their own. She is also responsible for brand style integration in all Mojo Risin Studio productions.

Andrew Matusik-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Andrew Matusik

Head of Digital Photography, Matusik is an image creator, collaborating in the creative process of producing impact-full images. He does not shy away from pushing the new medium into new unexplored territory. His unique background, coupled with a fresh creative approach, and an aggressive application of new technologies has manifested in a dialog with personalized sensibilities and bold vision appealing to a new generation of visual consumers.

Andrew was featured in Rangefinder Magazine for his innovative approach and desire to move the medium forward.

Matusik has produced 74 covers, and retouched hundreds of celebrities including “A” list staples like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlet Johansson, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Ann Hathaway, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.