Brandthropologie (brand-thruh-pol-uh-gee): The study of the issues, trends, content and experiences driving modern day business and thought leadership

The mission of BRANDthro is marrying creativity + technology to imagine the best possible future for our clients

In the era of emotion and hyper-personalization, everyone, be they employee or customer, is a consumer who must be informed, entertained and delighted throughout every step of the consumer journey

Smart organizations are approaching creating these types of experiences by transforming creativity into an emotionally powered competency that drives toward both authentic engagement and desired business outcomes

Our Services

Emotionally Intelligent Brands = Business Value

Pre-Analysis, Experimental Design + Data Acquisition

Use Proprietary Emotion AI, Neuro Knowledge base, Machine Learning, Deep Learning + Brand’s Segmentation Tool to:

  • Define + gather brand stimuli
  • Extract common language + reactive language from social media + brand’s 1:1 interviews
  • Identify brand trigger language to be analyzed
  • Gather + acquire consumer datasets on target + brand personality, common language, trigger language, and reactive language
  • Benchmark against existing neuro knowledge base

Language + Emotional Analysis, Conclusions + Recommendations

Use Proprietary Emotion AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to:

  • Assess, measure + develop brand + target personality distribution + identify opportunities for growth
  • Identify reactive language to affect for best emotional response interviews
  • Identify trigger language to affect best emotional response
  • Test future + existing brand content + identify opportunities for improvement
  • Use advanced machine learning to compute emotional displacement from equilibrium that identifies most effective language + those most likely to be emotionally moved to buy
Brandthro Indwentify Purpose

Create an emotion-driven purpose that is authentic, tied to day-to-day business + creates a distinctive positioning in the marketplace.

Brandthro Ignite Trust

State of Mind: Consumers don’t buy WHAT you do they buy WHY you do it.

Brandthro Build Cultures

Employees want to be a part of a brand they connect with emotionally. This defrays costs associated with acquisition, retention + loyalty – especially among Millennials.

Brandthro Innovation & Growth

Embrace neurodata to deepen collaboration with customers + the community in ways that create cost efficiencies + build new pathways to innovation + growth.

Brandthro Business Transformation

Harness the power of neurodata to help brands purposefully shape their futures in the second machine age.